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What is DVNS Systems

Dynamic Variable Neuromuscular Stimulation System™

DVNS Training System™ is an interactive anatomic and physiologic based training system designed to optimize performance, fitness and health. 

It scientifically combines and refines the dynamics of multiple evidence based techniques of exercise and makes them efficient, safe, and keeps the technique one step ahead adaptation. The DVNS Training System™ engages both the mind and the body.


DVNS Systems Goal

Our goal is to have all individual’s accomplish their potential both physically and mentally by experiencing a novel and intelligent approach to fitness. The DVNS Training System™ is designed to assure proper functional and safe technique and stays one step ahead of mental and physical adaptation.

This is not just another fitness trend. Trends may change but anatomy and applied science do not. Dynamic Variable Neuromuscular Stimulation Systems™ is the way fitness should be!


Mission Statement

The DVNS Training System is a personal training organization and system for teaching scientifically based protocols and methods to fitness industry experts. We are composed of PhD’s, physicians, and training experts who have researched, and continue to research, medical and science – based evidence that support our protocols for exercise and education.

Our mission is to provide advanced education and skills to fitness experts thereby providing positive and maximum results to those seeking superior personal training.